Zhang Daxing | 张大兴

Associate Professor

Xidian University | 西安电子科技大学

I am currently an Associate Professor and the Executive Director with Advanced Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center, Guangzhou Institute of Technology, Xidian University. I received the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from the School of Mechano-Electronic Engineering, Xidian University in 2008. I was a visiting scholar in Clemson University and University of Alberta working with Professor Y. Huang and Professor Witold Pedrycz respectively

My research interests include Advanced Manufacturing, Autonomous Robot, Application-Specific Equipment.

Office: B7-703
Email: zhangdx@xidian.edu.cn

A High speed and high precision automatic laser thickness measurement system

We developed this system in 2019. It is the first automatic online thickness measurement system in this field. All the process system status can be real-time monitored. Therefore, all the process data can be traced. The communication interfaces and data protocols can be customized for different applications. It runs 24 hours a day and has continuously worked for more than 28 months by the end of Apr. 2022.

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An automatic loading and unloading system of a double-sided grinding machine

This system was developed in 2021. It is an efficient automation solution in the application. We developed the control algorithm and the host computer software. It can save 3 persons every two grinding machines.

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Working Experiences

  • Guangzhou Institute of Technology, Xidian University

    • Associate Professor [Jul. 2021 - present]

  • School of Mechano-Electronic Engineering, Xidian University

    • Associate Professor [Jun. 2009 - Jun. 2021]

  • University of Alberta, Canada

    • Visiting Scholar [Jul. 2014 - Jun. 2015]

  • Clemson University, USA

    • Visiting Scholar [Jul. 2010 - Jun. 2011]