Hu Guofeng | 胡国锋

Associate Professor

Xidian University | 西安电子科技大学

Prof. Hu Guofeng received his B.Eng. degree in Mechanical Engineering and Automation from Jilin University, China, and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical and Automation Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, in 2015 and 2021, respectively. Following his graduate work, he entered a post-doctoral fellowship in the Multiscale Precision Instrumentation Laboratory, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where his research focused on Microtome and Precision Engineering. Prof. Hu joined Advanced Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center, Guangzhou Institute of Technology, Xidian University, Guangzhou, China in 2022 as an Associate Professor.

His current Research interests include 3D/4D Printing, Advanced Manufacturing, Digital manufacturing, Precision Engineering.

Office: B7-702

4D Printing and Smart Structures

4D printing is a combination manufacturing technology of 3D printing and smart materials. It means 3D printed structures can perform a shape change into a new structure by certain stimuli. As figures show that simple and flat structures can become into complex helical, twisting and DNA structures. We realized our designs by controlling printing path and the properties of smart materials. We are able to produce smart structures with unique function, excellent mechanical strength, and special physical properties. For example, we designed an adaptive Poisson’s structure with our 4D printing technology. Therefore, 4D printing opens opportunities for many fields, such as robotics, aerospace, and drug delivery, etc.


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